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Alternators, Starters & Batteries

  • Are you having problems getting your car to start?
  • Is it making a clicking noise when you turn the key?
  • Do you think your battery might be dead?
  • Are you seeing warning lights on the dash?
  • Does it just refuse to crank over?

If you ignore the warnings above, you may end up stranded away from home. Before that happens, call D’Avico’s for a reservation. D’Avico’s Auto Repair can help by:

  • Checking to ensure the alternator is charging the battery
  • Checking to see if the battery is holding a charge
  • Checking the parasitic draw (this is the energy that gets sucked out of your battery when you walk away from the car)
  • Checking the starter
  • A complete check of the starting and charging systems


Auto Repair, Brake Repair and Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Wayne, PA

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